The Anti-Mainstream Hippie Decor

hippie decor lighting ideas

Hippie décor means choosing your own style by exploring the beauty of nature to be the essential element of your design. It’s usually familiar with fabric designs with various colors and accents together with colorful artwork. If you’re interested and dare to be different, simple guides below will help you start with the anti-mainstream décor.

How to decorate my walls with Hippie décor?

Wallpaper designs with paisley, peace sign, flowers, or smiley faces will probably a good idea to represent the free spirit of hippies. Paint handling may consist of the same designs by applying a stencil to the wall. Combination treatment includes putting wallpaper in the bottom with a dense paint for the top. For instance, smileys face wallpaper with bright yellow paint.

Hippie décor accessories

Eccentric accessories are so hippie. Displaying album covers or music posters of artists during the period such as, Mick Jagger, Rolling Stones, and The Beatles is worth to be taken seriously. Vine plants in the room can wrap up furniture on the way to the ceiling and down to the floor. Lighting also plays an important role in the decorating. Putting lava lamp next to your bed or on the shelf can help you to watch the shapes. Otherwise, if you prefer shimmer effect to highlight the poster you hang on the wall, black light is the perfect choice to bathe your room with the dim light.

Gallery of The Anti-Mainstream Hippie Decor

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