Sliding Door Window Treatment Ideas

sliding door window treatments for kitchen

Sliding door window treatment is needed to be done in a regular time or in a routine to get the sliding door window more durable. This sliding door window is also a unique and innovative design of the door windows where you do not need to push or pull to open and close but you just need to move it slowly. This is will be safer if you have a little kid but you need the treatment to keep the windows more durable.

Sliding Door Window Treatment Tips

There are several tips to keep the sliding door window more durable. You can start with the usage. When you want to open and close the sliding doors windows, it will surely need you to move it. Move it slowly in every time you want to open and close. It is because if you move it with full power the sliding door windows will hit the edge and the glass will be broken down. Therefore, you need to move carefully to avoid the glass broken.

Second idea is, give oil for the smooth sliding. Sometimes, at a long usage, it can be stuck and it doesn’t want to move smoothly. This can be caused by the dust or other wastes. For this do the cleaning in regular time. After you clean the slide or the panels, then give it oil to get the door move smoothly. It is needed in a regular time also. Third idea is put the curtain above the floor. It is true that installing curtains that is longer one will get the curtains dirty and sometimes it will make the sliding door stuck because of the curtains.

Sliding Door Curtains Tips

Indeed, the curtains may cause the problem of the door to get stuck. Therefore, the curtains should be installed above the floor. It is better if there is wider space between the first door and the second door if you want to have the curtains in every door. But sure the curtains will be safer if you installed in on the other side of the doors not in one side.

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