Refacing Kitchen Cabinets for Quick Kitchen Makeover

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A quick way that you can do in terms of altering the look of your kitchen is refacing kitchen cabinets. Clearly this will deal with the idea of altering the look of your cabinets in your kitchen. It might sound as a difficult thing to do while as a matter of fact it is an easy thing to be done even on your own hand.

Instructions of Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

You should start by removing the hardware of the cabinets then removing the doors. The next thing to do is to clean out everything from any possible dirt and things that could prevent the new coat of paint to stick. You can use various stuffs in order to help you get the cleaning done. Once you have done the cleaning you will need to sand the surface of the cabinet for the next step of refacing kitchen cabinets. Sanding will remove the old paint while also giving a perfect surface to be given a new coat of kitchen cabinet paint.

The first layer of coat should always be a primer. This will ensure that the actual color of the paint that you intend to use will be there and the paint will stick perfectly into the surface of the cabinet. After the primer dried perfectly, apply the first coat of the new paint then wait for several hours before applying the second coat of paint to finish the refacing kitchen cabinets steps.

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