Painted Kitchen Cabinets Tips for DIY Projects

painted kitchen cabinets with natural wood doors

When it comes to updating the look of your kitchen space interior, the painted kitchen cabinets will be the most popular choice. Well, it is not surprising since painting kitchen cabinets are DIY-able and also cost-efficient. However, it is undoubtedly so as long as the cabinets are still in good condition so refacing will be enough. With there are many painted kitchen cabinets ideas to explore, we have some pro tips for DIY-er.

Advantages for DIY Painted Kitchen Cabinets

The joy of DIY project is the chance to spend much less money for the whole process, and it goes the same for the DIY painted kitchen cabinets. Rather than asking for a pro to spray paint the cabinets for a thousand dollars—or even more—you can actually spend much less by using a brush to paint the cabinets yourself. Spray paint, in fact, isn’t always needed if you desire the smooth finish.

Brush-paint cabinets instead can give you more control so you can avoid the risk of having the spray paint ended up in where it’s not supposed to be. Even so, you need to remember that brush painting is time consuming, which appears to be the disadvantage of brush painted kitchen cabinets but the result does pay off.

Gallery of Painted Kitchen Cabinets Tips for DIY Projects

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