Kitchen Makeovers Ideas and Tips for Small Room

kitchen makeovers for small kitchens

Despite the limited space available, it doesn’t mean there are no awesome kitchen makeovers ideas for your small one. In fact, small kitchens are no longer a wonder especially for urbanites. Today, we have some awesome small kitchen makeovers inspirations you definitely have to check to transform the small room into a totally inviting and comfortable place to cook.

Small Kitchen Makeovers Ideas

Rather than sticking with the convenient bulky buffet table, what about a rolling cart instead? It is highly movable so you can add more counter space conveniently whenever you need it and slide it to any space when you don’t. Maximizing the vertical spaces—meaning the walls—is also an awesome kitchen makeovers idea for a small space. Rather than creating clutters by storing items on your counter space, what about hanging them by mounting hooks and wall shelves instead?

If the small kitchen can afford enough space for an island, do not hesitate. Kitchen island can provide very useful extra workspace that can be transformed as dining space if you ever need one as well. We recommend you to opt for a kitchen island with room beneath for your kitchen makeovers so you can stash the stools when they’re not in use.

Gallery of Kitchen Makeovers Ideas and Tips for Small Room

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