Kitchen Door Handles and Knobs for Cabinets Shopping Tips

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There are many ways you can do to update the look of your kitchen, and updating the kitchen door handles is one of them. In fact, unless your kitchen cabinets are already in severely damaged condition, new kitchen door handles and knobs will be a truly simple way to refresh the cabinets and room appearance without sacrificing the function.

Shopping for Kitchen Door Handles for Cabinets

If you are switching kitchen cabinet hardware, including kitchen door handles, or putting in new cabinets instead, we have some useful tips for you. Let’s start from the size. If you plan to install knobs on cabinet drawers and doors, you can stick to the knobs in same size or opt for larger ones for drawers. If you have cabinet drawers that are wider than 18”, install two pulls or knobs.

When it comes to positioning the knobs or pulls, single ones ideally should be centered laterally and slightly higher than the vertical center. What you have to remember is not to place a cabinet knob in the corner of the cabinet door. You can try this simple guideline: imagine the length of door divided into 4 quarters and make sure the kitchen door handles are in the middle two ones.

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