Kitchen Cabinets Refacing Instead of Replacing

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Kitchen cabinets refacing is a cheaper alternative for those of you who are searching for something to give a fresh new look to their kitchen cabinets. Refacing means that your kitchen cabinets will be covered with veneer. If you buy new knobs, hinges, and pulls as well, it would further complete the transformation of your cabinets. You can find a lot of kitchen cabinets refacing ideas online.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Kitchen Cabinets Refacing

The number one advantage of kitchen cabinets refacing compared to replacing them is that you will save a lot of money. It will also take less time and is also less of a hassle because you will not have to tear out cabinets. While refacing your kitchen cabinets, you will still be able to use your kitchen. If you decide to replace them, you may have to do cooking elsewhere for the time being.

There are not so many disadvantages to refacing your kitchen cabinets. One of them is that it will not fix the design of your kitchen if its design is already originally bad. In the process, you may also be lured into buying expensive veneers and hardware due to how exotic they look. Buying these expensive items not make kitchen cabinets refacing cost-effective.

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