Gloss Kitchens, a Cool Trend in 2015

gloss kitchen cabinets paint

Gloss kitchens consist of kitchen units that are finished with high gloss. It is trending in 2015 and has been trending for quite a few years. This is because top European houses have been supported with these high gloss finished items. Part of what makes it alluring is that it serves numerous design functions.

Design Functions That Gloss Kitchens Serve

Kitchen items with high gloss finish are able to create an empathic contrast, and this is in particular when used with surfaces reflecting nature. An example of a surface that reflects nature is the dark and textured grains of wood. Lately, using gloss kitchen designs with popping colors have been increasing in popularity too. Gloss kitchens are a favorite for many people because of how sleek and modern it looks. It minimizes unnecessary attention towards the surface.

There are a lot ways to get a high gloss finish for your kitchen items. Try consulting to a kitchen expert near you if you are interested in transforming your kitchen into a gloss kitchen. As gloss kitchens are modern, look for doors and drawer fronts that are high gloss and also have edges that are contoured or better yet, those with handles that are integrated or no handles.

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