Burbidge Kitchens for Your Kitchen

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Burbidge Kitchens have been established for more than 35 years now, so it is not exaggerate to say that they are quite experts at kitchen design. It does not mean that their designs are out of date and irrelevant nowadays, because they constantly change and improve their designs to cater to the current trend and lifestyle.

Selections of Burbidge Kitchens

Standard kitchens and inframe kitchens are the two selections that Burbidge Kitchens have to offer. Standard kitchens give a more modern look, while inframe kitchens are of a higher quality. An example of the standard kitchen is the Malmo Cashmere and an example of the inframe kitchen is the Tetbury Painted.

The Malmo Cashmere offers a kitchen range without handle. It is available in a number of colors, and the beautiful sleek finish is completed with the accessories that are available for purchase as well. While the color of the Malmo Cashmere tends to be monotone, the Tetbury Painted offers a wider color palette. This makes the Tetbury Painted kitchen suitable for all types of environments. You can even choose your own combination colors for your Tetbury Painted kitchen to create a more personal feel to your kitchen. There is no doubt that Burbidge Kitchens is an excellent choice for your kitchen.

Gallery of Burbidge Kitchens for Your Kitchen

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